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Why Choose ALPHA-1

Faster, better, more effective and efficient. Hands down.

Our IT firm provides comprehensive networking consulting services, security,  and all around better results and efficiency to small and medium-sized businesses. With the most comprehensive and up to date knowledge not to mention licenses and certifications from the worlds top authorities in the IT industry, we are experts in helping businesses make the right technology investments for the future.

Networking and Design

ALPHA-1 NetSec's Networking and Design services take data to a whole new level. Specialized to fit your exact business or home needs.

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Security Services

In today's day in age, data is sometimes more valuable than gold. Keep your business secure, safe, and confident with our wide range of security solutions.

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Whether its a crashed hard drive, downed server, or advanced virus, ALPHA-1 NetSec has the expertise and proven experience to quickly get your important data back on the wire.

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What our customers are saying

When a critical internal server crashed, our company was put at a near stand still and major data loss. ALPHA-1 NetSec was able to not only quickly recover our critical data, but optimize our network and provided insight on vulnerabilities we didn't know we had. Since then our data services quality has improved ten-fold.

Cody  S. - SMV Holdings

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